Storage Systems – selected references

Here you can see a small selection of solar systems in combination with storage systems, which we have realised for our customers. If you like, we will be happy to provide additional references.


Credential Storage System Ratingen 6.3 kW SOLARCALL SCM-300 Storage 9.6 kWh

Solar system 6.3 kWp with solar modules SOLAR CALL SCM-300 (top left), 2 x SOLAXPOWER X1-HYBRID inverter SK-SU3700E (right) and 4 x battery storage PYLONTECH US2000B (bottom left) in Ratingen, Germany

Referenzen Energiespeicher Ottenstein5 7kW Ameri270WPoly RCT Speicher 840x690Px

Solar system 5.7 kWp with solar modules Amerisolar AS-6P30 270 Watt (top), battery inverter RCT Power Storage Inverter 6.0 (bottom right) and energy storage RCT Power Battery 5.7 (bottom left) in Ottenstein, Germany