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Saving with photovoltaics.

The installation of a photovoltaic system offers homeowners a number of advantages: they save on electricity costs, make an important contribution to environmental protection and become independent of fossil energy sources.

The solar electricity produced on your roof can be consumed by yourself, stored and/or fed into the public grid. If you live in Germany and you decide to feed the electricity you produce yourself into the grid, you will receive the so-called feed-in tariff – over a period of 20 years.

Beneftis of a solar system!

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Stable electricity prices

As the owner of a photovoltaic system, you will benefit from constant energy prices.

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More independence

Efficient PV storage solutions make you almost independent of your grid operator.

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Sustainable power generation

By producing your own solar power, you become an active part of the energy transition.


An insight into our projects.

Solar systems from ErEne

 Private homes

Since 2009, we have been supporting homeowners with our turnkey photovoltaic systems as they embark on a sunny future!


Photovoltaic systems, our services

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Convince yourself of our customised photovoltaic solutions. Our team of experienced PV experts will provide you with professional support from the first contact to the completion of your solar project.

Produce your own green electricity!

1. Contact & Advice

In order to learn more about you and your desired solar system, we first discuss your individual requirements. Based on your information, our team will advise you comprehensively on suitable photovoltaic solutions.

2. Design & Presentation

In the next step, we deal intensively with your solar project. During the entire system planning process (incl. profitability analysis), you can of course contact us at any time by e-mail and telephone. When designing your solar system, we always make sure to use high-quality PV components at top conditions.

3. Offer & Realisation

Afterwards, you will receive your first free and non-binding offer. If you decide to work with ErEne on this basis, we will start with the project planning and realisation: goal-oriented and transparent!



Your contact for photovoltaic systems!

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